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We Ensure Proper and Safe Shipping of Your Excavator Parts

At Langley Excavator Parts Exchange, we have the John Deere and Hitachi excavator components you need to get your excavators up and running quickly and keep them running. In order to achieve this, we not only consider the quality of the parts we send you but also how we send your parts to you. Since most of the excavator parts we provide our clients have to be shipped across British Columbia, or Canada, or even the world, we need to ensure that they get to you in the same condition they are at our Surrey facilities. This means that we have to give consideration to the methods of shipping and invest in ones that will not fail and damage your excavator components.

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Keep Your Excavators Running With Clean, High-Quality Hydraulic Fluid

At Langley Excavator Parts Exchange, we know how important your John Deere and Hitachi excavators can be in helping you get the job done. As excavators are valuable and expensive pieces of equipment, you need to keep them running in top condition to avoid downtime. One way to ensure they are running optimally is by using clean, high-quality oil and hydraulic fluid. Don’t try to save money by using cheaper lower quality fluids since they can cause problems that could be extremely costly.

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Hitachi Excavator Tracks

The Importance of Maintaining the Proper Track Tension for Your Excavator

Daily Monitoring of Excavator Track Tension

Maintaining the proper track tension of your excavator and monitoring it on a daily basis is quite important. In fact, it is recommended that if the working environment changes during the day, track tension should be checked once again. What’s more, if your excavator is working in muddy or sandy conditions, you should check it more often since there is a likelihood that sand or mud can adhere to the undercarriage parts resulting in increased tension. It’s also best to monitor the tension while your excavator is working. 

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Used Hitachi Excavator EQ-311-EX3500

What You Should Look for When Buying a Used Excavator

Our experienced and knowledgeable staff at the Langley Excavator Parts Exchange have mechanical backgrounds and have spent years working with John Deere and Hitachi excavators. Therefore we’d like to share with you some tips about buying used excavators.

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