Keep Your Excavators Running With Clean, High-Quality Hydraulic Fluid

At Langley Excavator Parts Exchange, we know how important your John Deere and Hitachi excavators can be in helping you get the job done. As excavators are valuable and expensive pieces of equipment, you need to keep them running in top condition to avoid downtime. One way to ensure they are running optimally is by using clean, high-quality oil and hydraulic fluid. Don’t try to save money by using cheaper lower quality fluids since they can cause problems that could be extremely costly.

Hydraulic Fluid / Oil

Hydraulic fluid is what keeps your hydraulic excavator functioning therefore it is important to use the proper fluid to achieve optimal performance and efficiency. Hydraulic fluid transfers power within the system of hydraulic components, lubricates them, and dissipates heat. 

Hydraulic fluids are basically made of mineral oil and a small number of additives. Some are also silicone-based for improved lubrication while others are water-glycol-based for enhanced moisture control. Consequently, it’s vital that the most suitable hydraulic fluid is used to deal with the specific operating conditions and requirements of your excavator’s system. 

Hydraulic Fluid and Excavator Performance

Your excavator’s components need the proper hydraulic fluid to function efficiently and maintain them in proper working order. If you don’t use the correct type, viscosity and quality fluid, the components of your excavator can experience a number of problems. For example, it could affect your excavator’s efficiency and resistance to wear of components (premature breakdowns). Also, by not using the proper fluids you risk poor lubrication, corrosion, and overheating which also affect the working life of your components.

Importance of Viscosity

Viscosity refers to the thickness of the hydraulic fluid. It is important to use the right viscosity since the fluid has to be thin enough to lubricate remote internal components while at the same time have the required thickness to function effectively at lower temperatures. For hydraulic fluid to function properly it must remain incompressible so it can transmit power within the components of the excavator. If you use fluid with improper viscosity, you risk the formation of air gaps. These air gaps will cause your components to work harder, which will lower their operating performance and may cause them to break down prematurely.

Prevent Breakdowns

High-quality fluids help your excavators operate properly and prevent thermal as well as oxidative breakdown. Quality fluids can also minimize soot-related viscosity and premature wear of vital components. The hydraulic systems of your excavators have precise tolerance, as a result, if you aren’t using the proper fluid or if the fluid is not clean your excavator can experience hydraulic failures. You should avoid using the cheaper lower quality fluids/oils since they may contain additives that can’t withstand high-duty cycles. To ensure your excavator is protected, you also need to schedule an oil sample program to detect any impurities or contaminants in the oil.


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