Hitachi Excavator Tracks

The Importance of Maintaining the Proper Track Tension for Your Excavator

Daily Monitoring of Excavator Track Tension

Maintaining the proper track tension of your excavator and monitoring it on a daily basis is quite important. In fact, it is recommended that if the working environment changes during the day, track tension should be checked once again. What’s more, if your excavator is working in muddy or sandy conditions, you should check it more often since there is a likelihood that sand or mud can adhere to the undercarriage parts resulting in increased tension. It’s also best to monitor the tension while your excavator is working. 

Reduce Wear On Undercarriage

This aspect of excavator maintenance is vital since track tension can affect wear and tear on the undercarriage. For example, if the tension is too loose, it can create instability, rocking, and the possibility of the tracks coming off. If the tracks are too tight, there can be a loss of track power and the increased load created on the contact areas speeds up wear on your excavator’s undercarriage components. Naturally, if more power is needed to perform a task, your fuel efficiency will also be affected. Another fact you also need to keep in mind is that your excavator’s undercarriage wears out much faster when rotating in the reverse direction so whenever possible try to travel with the tracks rotating forward.

Find Used Excavator Tracks for Hitachi and John Deere Excavators

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