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We Ensure Proper and Safe Shipping of Your Excavator Parts

At Langley Excavator Parts Exchange, we have the John Deere and Hitachi excavator components you need to get your excavators up and running quickly and keep them running. In order to achieve this, we not only consider the quality of the parts we send you but also how we send your parts to you. Since most of the excavator parts we provide our clients have to be shipped across British Columbia, or Canada, or even the world, we need to ensure that they get to you in the same condition they are at our Surrey facilities. This means that we have to give consideration to the methods of shipping and invest in ones that will not fail and damage your excavator components.

Custom-Made Pallets

Wooden Shipping-palletSince 1995, when we transitioned to parts exchange and repair as Langley Excavator Parts Exchange, we have been devoted to using only the best and safest methods of shipping. Standard wooden shipping pallets or crates have been used to store and ship excavator components as well as other valuable and delicate items from one business to another for decades. These pallets not only allow for easy movement, loading, and unloading but most importantly, they protect your excavator components from the rigors of transit.

The trouble is the standardized sizing does not always make the best fit for your excavator component.  And the material used may not be up to the challenge of carrying a heavy excavator component safely.  That is why, we, generally, custom build pallets to fit the items we are shipping. They are constructed with precision and care using quality lumber in order to protect valuable merchandise. Additionally, by making the pallets the exact size for your component, we are able to reduce any wasted space which in turn lowers the freight charge to get your component to you.

The Cost of Wooden Pallets

Wooden Shipping-pallet-2The custom-built pallets used by us are a more expensive alternative to the standardized pallets. Nevertheless, it is a worthwhile expense for us to ensure your parts arrive safely and securely.

Unfortunately, since the end of 2017, lumber prices have been increasing significantly due to an increase in lumber demand and the decrease in the availability of lumber. According to CNBC, softwood lumber prices, in 2021, are over 110% higher than they were last year. The COVID-19 pandemic has also forced many lumber mills to close temporarily due to health issues. This situation has had negative implications on the cost of constructing quality wooden pallets to ship our excavator parts safely to you. 

What’s more, when we use lumber for pallets or crates for international shipping, we must ensure that the wooden shipping pallets meet certain standards set by the IPPC (International Plant Protection Conventions). This means that wood used for international packing must be treated and labeled with ISPM-15 (International Standard Phytosanitary Measures No. 15) label. As there is a worldwide shortage of lumber, we also have to pay a great deal more for treated lumber that is rated for international travel.

Last Word

Naturally, at Langley Excavator Parts Exchange, we’d like to assure you that we will continue to ship your excavator components on high-quality custom wooden pallets without passing the increase in cost to our clients. We want you to receive the components you ordered in the same condition they were when we shipped them out to you. We regret that the price of lumber has increased our costs of shipping but we don’t want to cut corners by using inferior material to save a few bucks and risk any damage to the parts you are waiting for to get your excavators up and running. For more information about excavator parts requests and our shipping policy, please call us at 1-888-530-5444 or 604-530-5758 or contact us online.